Why am I getting a warning message each time I fill a slot using

Whenever I fill a slots while one of my forms is active, I get this warning message in the console.

*UserWarning: Action ‘invoice_form’ set slot type ‘text’ which it never set during the training. This can throw off the prediction. Make sure to include training examples in your stories for the different types * of slots this action can return. Remember: you need to set the slots manually in the stories by adding the following lines after the action:

- action: invoice_form - slot_was_set:

    • SolutionType: industrial*
  • More info at Domain

I dont understand what it means, is there a way to fix this?

@BrookieHub Check your stories.yml file or share with us.

- story: invoice_form
  - action: invoice_form
  - slot_was_set:
    - solutiontype: industrial

make sure you have mention all the slots in domain.yml

For example in domain.yml:

    type: text
    influence_conversation: false

Even, see how to syntax Form (invoice_form) : Forms

Can I asked which version you are using, I hope you using 2.X or latest? Even share the original error screenshot.

The above solution or suggestion based on the error only.

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Hey thanks for the reply! I am not using stories to start my form, I’m using rules.yml for that.

I also have the all the slots mentioned. Even the requested_slot is mentioned under the slots.

@BrookieHub No worries, can you please share some supporting files? So, that I can see and give you suggestion or solution for the same.