User warning for forms

c:\users\boyin\anaconda3\envs\rasa\lib\site-packages\rasa\shared\utils\ UserWarning: Action ‘form_fetch_can’ set a slot type ‘can_number’ which it never set during the training. This can throw off the prediction. Make sure to include training examples in your stories for the different types of slots this action can return. Remember: you need to set the slots manually in the stories by adding ‘- slot{“can_number”: 667678755877}’ after the action.

how to solve this warning. but it is working fine

@sandeep2213, you just have to include slot{“can_number”: 667678755877} in your stories.yml after form_fetch_can action. Then, just retrain your model and try again.

This is my rules.yml file can you please say where should I write it.

  • rule: Activate form for fetching can


    • intent: fetch_can

    • action: form_fetch_can

    • active_loop: form_fetch_can

  • rule: Submit form for fetching can


    Condition that form is active.

    • active_loop: form_fetch_can


    Form is deactivated

    • action: form_fetch_can

    • active_loop: null

    • slot_was_set:

      • requested_slot: null

    The actions we want to run when the form is submitted.

    • action: action_submit_can_fetch_form

You should add an stories on your stories.yml file, not rules. You can find it inside data on your project.

If i am writing in stories it is not reading. It is using action_fallback always that is why I am writing in rules

run rasa interactive instead and retrain your model.