Where is my action-server?

Hi everyone, I am new to RASA and doing starter-pack now, but when I type in make action-server then I got this

Seriously I don’t know where is this server and what I can do with it?

Anyone can help me out? I will be very appreciated!:grin:

This feature is added newly into rasa Stack. This is to handle custom actions. All custom actions we develop can be deployed in action server. If the actions are in python, we can use the frame work facility called Rasa core sdk.

Few references about this : Actions We have some notes about this @ Juste’s blog. Its a great blog to start with. Weatherbot_Tutorial/Full Code [Latest release of Rasa NLU and Rasa Core] at master · JustinaPetr/Weatherbot_Tutorial · GitHub

Thanks for your kind help. That is saying, the “make action-server” is not necessary in the beginning, right?

Could you please post the link from which you are referring make-action server?

https://github.com/RasaHQ/starter-pack-rasa-stack The starter package. Now I solved problem with a new windows and type in “make cmdline” to load my bot.

But the old windows(command line) remained, i don’t know what happens out there even I solved it already.

It seems the official doc doesn’t give people instruction to open a new windows of command line to type in “make cmdline” and load bot.