Not able to execute custom actions

I am able to run Rasa server as well as Action server remotely but I don’t know why custom actions are not getting executed. I am able to execute custom action locally. Please help me to resolve this issue. Rasa Version :1.9.5 Here are my endpoints.yml file contents:


url: ""

How did you deploy the servers?

If you’re only using Rasa Open Source without Rasa X, you might find these two resources useful:

Does that help with your issue?

Hey, @chkoss I was not aware of these deployment solutions. Thanks for letting me know. What I did is copied my rasa directory into remote server, changed the localhost with the IP address of the server and retrained the model. On testing its working remotely I am able to get utterance action running but my custom actions are not getting executed but on the action server-side, It’s showing all actions are registered. I only need to run rasa and action server remotely in the background so, please let me know if I should follow the above-mentioned links.

Thanks in advance

Hm… Can you run both rasa and the action server with the flag --debug please and let me know what output is shown for both when sending a message that should trigger an action?

Sure @chkoss Here is the snapshot of both Rasa and Action server running in debug mode.

Thanks :+1: That’s for starting them, right? What gets shown in both when you send a message to the bot that should trigger an action?

Hey @chkoss Here is the screenshot of the outputs which I am getting. Where in on left hand side chatbot UI is giving wrong response and right hand side chatbot UI is giving correct output by making an API call and summing up all total charges value.

I meant the output to the command line. When the rasa servers are running in debug mode and you send a message to the bot, there should be some debug statements printed underneath the ones you posted here. These can help me to figure out what’s going wrong.

Thanks for ur help :slight_smile: Issue has been resolved

Happy to hear that! Could you share how you solved it? That will help other users who might face similar problems.

I was running core and action server in remote machine where these services were already running. By killing previous running process I was able to achieve desired response.