When I set tracker_store, Interactive learning broken

this is my rasa version rasa==1.4.0 rasa-sdk==1.1.0 rasa-x==0.22.0

When I setted tracker_store in endppint.yml file. Interactive learning was always auto refesh. then I delete tracker_store’s setting. Interactive learning is Usable

thanks for your help

Are you using the interactive learning in rasa-x or in rasa?

Do you get any error? Can you please add a bit more information to explain the issue?

@Tobias_Wochinger I am using Rasa X and my tracker store is mongodb.

I let the tracker store use defaults to store the conversations. Although I see a few documents inserted in mongo I don’t see anything in my interactive conversation in Rasa X.

As soon as I type something in the interactive learning the conversation gets restarted. Following is the only thing I added in my endpoints.yml

    type: mongod

rasa: 1.4.3 rasa-x 0.22.1

Can you please share your logs? Especially the rasa-x and the rasa one?