Problem with adding ReminderScheduled

Hello everyone. I’m new to Rasa and I really need your help now to go on.

Initially, I wanted my bot to proactively ask a question to user. I checked out THIS topic and found out that I have to use Reminders. I have read the docs, then THIS topic discussed in the forum.

However I don’t really get some things:

  1. How the reminder is being added to the tracker? Do I have to do it manually?
  2. From where do I have to make a http POST request described in the above topic and why? Is this connected to the answer of the 1st question?
  3. How can I fetch a conversation_id if I’m the only user testing my chatbot from shell? (None of the options HERE is working for me)

You’d have to return a ReminderScheduled action in your custom action code, so it would be manual only in the sense you’re returning it from that action.

If you’ve set up your custom action server with the stuff out of the box (rasa_sdk), you shouldn’t need to post anywhere, Rasa will POST the request to the action server and once you return the ReminderScheduled from the custom action, it will add it to the tracker on its own.

You can fetch the conversation_id by using tracker.sender_id in the run() function of your custom action.

Thanks for the response. I worked it out!

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@taguhi you can also use this: Actions

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