What to update for rasa 2.x

Hello! I have a set of files in the Rasa 1x version and I want to now work in Rasa 2x. For this, I have converted the nlu, stories and credentials files. Are there any other files I have to convert?eded

hey @RDS, have you seen the migration guide in the docs? Most likely you will also have some policies to change in your pipeline. This can require some rebuilding of logic that you have into the new rules format. Check out the guide and let me know if you have questions from that based on your existing policies.

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Hi @desmarchris, thanks for the reply. So I did convert my rasa 1x to rasa 2x and it’s getting trained (with some warnings), but on running the bot I faced a problem with the way it is identifying the intents. Like after going 2-3 steps into one story it recognizing some other intent from some other story😟, which was not the case working with previous version.