What is the best option to deploy rasa chatbot globally?

Hi, I want to deploy my rasa actions, core server globally so that I can use those links for integrating the chatbot with channels such as webex and msteams. What is the best option available for that?

I would use the supported Rasa helm charts also posted at artifacthub.io.

@stephens I just want to host the rasa actions and core server so that i can communicate using webex and msteams channels

Great, that’s what the new helm chart is for. You should take a look at the Quick Start. Also, kind gives you an easy way to try it out locally before you install on a server.

@nik202 could u share that resources over here

@stephens If i am running action server using azure app services, can i change the endpoint url from localhost to azure url?

Yes, this is specified in the endpoints.yml file as shown here.

  url: http://app:5055/webhook

@stephens So i can change this url to any global url?..