How to run rasa from a remote server?


I have a rasa project that is running well in localhost. Now, I want to run it on a remote server to give acces to different public users. How can I proceed? Does endpoint url is enough to make remote access possible or not ?

thank you for your reply

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Look at the Quick-Installation method. One simple command and it will set it up all for you!

@ChrisRahme Hi, is this still applicable? What if I am working with Rasa 2.8.15? should I update the version to deploy to remote server? thanks

It’s still working, but this method (using pip) will be removed soon

Rasa recommend Helm method

I hope rasa x team find some solution to back pip method again

@itsjhonny thanks, but helm method is only for Rasa X 1.1 and that version is incompatible with Rasa 2.8.15 right? so what would I need to do?

also, does Rasa Helm method allow to deploy both rasa open source and rasa actions servers?

I believe this method install all rasa stack (Rasa core, rasa action and rasa x). But, to be honest, I didn’t try helm installation. I’m still prefer old methods (pip with docker)

I think you can set rasa x and rasa version fallow this steps