What is the benefit of creating action server

I am wondering why there is separate server for actions in new version of rasa core ? I have gone through this link - http://rasa.com/docs/core/customactions/

It is a shift as how you perceive web hooks, makes a lot of sense to keep them separate since if you just need to update an action template, you don’t need necessarily to retrain everything again (this is quite expensive) changing templates can be separated from the actual model hence you can run it in a separate server , easy to manage.

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If I add new action then we just have to relaunch action server only without training core model. Is it so? How will core recognise these new added actions as we have to add them in domain.yml?

no, when you change an existing action or simply what the action is supposed to do, if you change anything for the action you don’t need to retrain the bot but of course if you add something new, you need the bot to know about it so you will have to train it again