Why Custom Action

Am working on a university information domain specific chatbot do i need a custom action.py script

If you use the action-server and custom actions, you need it.

See i don’t have any API to draw data from for my university chatbot but some information on a website .please those any one know if i need to build a custom action if i need to how do i do that to draw information from the website or even a database

Hey @tiwo19! If you want your bot to utter data that’s not defined as a template in your domain file, you’ll need to have an action server, providing a function that retrieves the data from somewhere and places it in a slot / utters it directly.

You could take a look into the Examples on Github. The concert-bot and the restaurant-bot both are examples that include an action server.

You could read more about custom actions here. It’s not this hard - the python rasa_core_sdk makes it rather easy to create an action server.

@tograssm so grateful for response which was simple and nice i owe you one .In fact i don’t think i need an action sever because i can place all i need in my domain file .Thank you for the references, thank you so much you made it action server easy to understand for me

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