Actions in old fashion way

Hey, I see that in a new version (0.12.xx) all actions are moved to separated service (using rasa_core_sdk), and format of domain file is now a bit different. Before I could specify a custom action in domain file just as a path to action class, but now I should list only names of actions and run one more service. Is there any way in a new version where I can use custom actions without supporting one more service?

Hey @mephistopheies. With new versions of Rasa Core (v.0.11 and later) you will need a separate server to run custom actions. The change was introduced to make it easier to maintain custom actions and the bot better (now, when you make changes to custom actions, you don’t need to restart entire bot for those changes to be picked up). If you prefer using the old way of implementing actions, then you will have to use Rasa Core<v0.11).