Webhook & Talk To Your Bot not in Phase : Issue?

Hi, I have a bot deployed through Rasa X and the botframework channel and I have observed that there is a difference betweend the answer given through Teams (Botframework) and the “Talk To Your Bot” tab.

Is this an issue ? If not how am I supposed to make sure they give the same answers ?

Thanks !

Do you have any channel specific responses? What kinds of differences are you seeing - could you give an example?

No I have not channel specific responses, only text/buttons.

It seems like it’s the “core” part and the choice of the answer that is different. For example, here is a conversation (visualized in Rasa-X) I had through MS Teams :

We can see that the intent detection is okay (bonjour = hello) but it triggers “action_default_fallback”… Whereas in the “Talk To Your Bot” UI the bot have the right behavior :

It’s not the only one where I have found a difference, but it’s seems to be random…

@glaulom have you configured your action server in rasa x? Maybe it is triggering the fallback because it can’t process the actions correctly. You can also check the logs in the rasa-production container.

@erohmensing Yes I have an action server configured but it’s not called for this intent. In my rasa-production logs here is what I have :

UserWarning: Categorical slot ‘site’ is set to a value (‘aiguillage’) that is not specified in the domain. Value will be ignored and the slot will behave as if no value is set. Make sure to add all values a categorical slot should store to the domain.

One thing I manage to do with the “hello” intent is type /restart through MS Teams and now it answers correctly. Maybe that after all it’s only a problem with slot. Isn’t there any configuration to set a slot for only a given time ?

I have included this in my configuration but it does not take into account slot doesn’t it ?

- name: MemoizationPolicy
    max_history: 1

There isn’t currently a way to set a slot for only a given time. It will stay set unless you manually set it back via a SlotSet("slot_name", None) event.

What are your fallback thresholds?

Thanks for the tips to setback SlotSet to none.

I’ve set my tresholds very low as I’m actually in test phase :

  - name: FallbackPolicy
    nlu_threshold: 0.3
    core_threshold: 0.1
    fallback_action_name: action_default_fallback

Hm, yes i bet those would be fine. And what do the stories look like?

For “Hello” that now works after /rester I have this :

* hello
    - utter_hello
    - utter_incident
    - utter_choice

For “aiguillage” (that now answer the same in both webhook) here is what I have

## aiguillage vers les supports
* aiguillage
	- utter_aiguillage

But the problem is that in “Talk To Your Bot” what is detected is :

## NewStory
    * aiguillage{"site":"aiguillage"}
        - slot{"site":"aiguillage"}
        - utter_code_regate

Whereas site is a categorical slot and “aiguillage” is not part of it.