Link action response to slot

I am trying to build a chat bot with two slots : location and cuisine. Here I am facing two problems : Problem 1 : Sometimes bot is not able to put the response to utter_ask_location(which is action) to the location slot. for example: I gave input ‘delhi’ in the response, but still location slot is shown as none.

Problem 2: Sometimes bot replaces value of a previously updated slot. For example : bot kept ‘kolkata’ in location slot and when I put the response for utter_ask_cuisine, instead of updating to cuisine slot, it updated to location slot.

so can anyone suggest any pointers for the same.

You probably need to add more NLU training data because your entities aren’t being picked up correctly. Try using the --debug flag in rasa core and take a look at the logs to see whether the entities are picked up correctly.