Slots created in domain but not showing in slots box in talk to your bot tab

Hi, I am using rasa X version 0.37.1 I created slots first_name and last_name in domain.yml and trained and picked the latest model but these slots are not showing in slots box on “talk to your bot” tab. No slot is appearing.

I also checked - RulePolicy is there on config. what are possible reasons for this.

slots: first_name: type: text influence_conversation: true last_name: type: text influence_conversation: true

Please suggest how to check n debug the reason.


You need to set the slot in the conversation for it to appear in Rasa X.

If the value of the slot did not change from the default value, it will not appear here.

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i created first_name and Last_name slots in domain.yml. where do i need to set the values? can you give me example code or reference link to get idea?

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I meant when you talk to the chatbot on Rasa X, the slot will appear.

Let’s consider your chatbot asked for the first name, and the user answers “Chris”. Once the user has answered, the slot will be set and it will appear on the interface.

For example:

Chatbots can have hundreds of slots, and conversations usually only fill very few of them. It would be unpractical if all default-valued slots would appear in Rasa X :slight_smile:

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Got it. Thank u :slight_smile:

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