Visual Studio editor coloring for yml files

Hi Everyone,

I am curious if anyone could get VS Code to color the editor for yml files as it colored the md files?

By default if I have a line in nlu: - round trip journey

if this is an md file: the “round trip” is yellow and everything else is orange., the “round_trip” has an underline.

If this is in a yml file, everything is yellow without underline.

Curious if anyone could make the yml files in vs code to be more readable especially if I have a lot of entities with annotation?


@endreb can you share how your VS code with Rasa Code looking like right now?


You can add the extension for VS code Rasa Tools I guess it support YAML, and Python snippets in Rasa format.

@nik202 sure.

this is for md files:

and this is the same in yml:

it’s easier to read the file in md.


[]() is not a special YAML syntax, and therefore it won’t get syntax highlighting.

It “works” for Markdown (.md) because []() is a valid Markdown syntax, used to show URLs. You can even try it here on the forum since the text editor is a Markdown editor:

  • Visit the [Rasa Forum]( → Visit the Rasa Forum