Newline, comment in .yml

Following the financial-demo project, I notice the block of intent, actions, slots, stories, etc are not separated by a new line or comment (all packed together).

I would like to find out if there’s a reason for this. Basically, I will like to introduce newline and comments between every block so my project can be neat, and readable. Can I do this without affecting anyhing?

Yes, you can. This has more to do with valid YAML structures than Rasa.

Rasa only cares about the keys of the files, as long as the structure is valid.

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Thank you for your response. I read a post saying something about RasaX removing newlines and comments when invoked. I know nothing about this so I want to ask if by chance you have a idea of what the post/statement meant.

Please see refernce post below


Yeah, sadly Rasa X removes the newlines, but the file still works with them.

You can even split the file into multiple ones. This applies for the domain, nlu, stories, and rules files.