Differences Between nlu.yml and nlu.md

Hi, can someone explain me what the differences are between the two file: nlu.yml and nlu.md? I only edit the yml file before re-training the model, is that ok?

Thanks, Ravit


MD files are the extensions of files created Markdown language software. Markdown is a lightweight markup language intended for one purpose, to be used to format text on the web with plain text formatting syntax .

A YML file is a text document that contains data formatted using YAML (YAML Ain’t Markup Language), a human-readable data format used for data serialization. It is used for reading and writing data independent of a specific programming language

Note: In previous verison of rasa before 2.x the rasa was using .md extension for all there files, except for actions.py and after that the are using .yml

You can edit any file, as per your use case or dialogue management, there will be no issue. When ever you edit or add some data in nlu, stories, rules, domain etc you need to re-train, that is the simple methodology adopted by rasa.

I Hope you get your answer and solve your query?