/usr/bin/python3: No module named rasa_nlu.train

I’ve successfully installed rasa_nlu on AWS ec2 instance. I’ve two versions of python(2.7 and 3.5). The following command runs without any error : python3 -c "import rasa_nlu"

But when I try to run below command , I’m getting the error /usr/bin/python3: No module named rasa_nlu.train

python3 -m rasa_nlu.train -c nlu_config.yml --data nlu.md -o models --fixed_model_name nlu --project current --verbose

Kindly help.

Hi @Amruta_Mulik, welcome to the forum!

Which version of rasa_nlu are you running?

I’m using version 0.14.6.

The problem has been solved , I had to reinstall rasa_nlu.