Error while finding module specification for 'rasa_nlu.train' (ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'rasa_nlu')

I am getting an error while trying to train the data. My command: python -m rasa_nlu.train -c nlu_config.yml --data -o models --fixed_model_name nlu --project current --verbose

Contents of nlu_config.yml “language” : “en”

“pipeline”: “tensorflow_embedding”

Contents of


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I request someone to help me out with this issue. Thank you

Hey @Teluguntla123. Seems like rasa_nlu is missing. Which python version are you using and do you have more than one python version installed on your machine? I assume you didn’t have issues installing rasa_nlu with pip install rasa_nlu

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Thanks for your response. I am using python 3.6.4 on my machine. I have already installed rasa_nlu using pip3 install rasa_nlu. I don’t have any issues with rasa_nlu. I installed rasa_nlu and trained it with some data and tested with examples as well. I have attached some screenshot pictures in this message as a proof to show rasa_nlu is perfectly trained and working absolutely fine. As a beginner in python and RASA Stack I really don’t know rasa_nlu has issues in it.

Had similar problem, but with “rasa_nlu.test”.

Inspite of having:

Name: rasa-core Version: 0.14.3

Name: rasa-nlu Version: 0.15.0

It didn’t work.

So in a new virtualenv a ran these two:

pip install -U rasa_core #to update rasa_core
pip install rasa_nlu[tensorflow] # for use supervised_embeddings pipeline

Then worked like charm. Ithink my mistake was to ommit the pip install rasa_nlu

If you installed the latest version of Rasa from github. They have changed the name of the modules.

So right now, you should import as followed:

import rasa
from rasa.nlu.train import train

If you don’t want to change the imports. You might want to downgrade rasa

Regards, Leo