Adapting rasa demo. Keep getting message


rasa_core.domain.InvalidDomain: The intents affirm and affirm must be present in the domain file to use this policy.

I have the same intent called affirm as the demo, can anyone shed some light on what’s going wrong here, aside from the message repeating the word affirm and affirm.

do you mention the action names in action parameter in domain.yml file?

Yes, it is listed as affirm, the same as in Rasa Sara Demo, something else is going on. Don’t you think the message is strange? Double affirm wording.

Here is what I think is the offending section of code, found in rasa_core/policies/

In the last line, the 2nd USER_INTENT_AFFIRM should be USER_INTENT_DENY

   if (USER_INTENT_AFFIRM not in domain.intents or
            USER_INTENT_DENY not in domain.intents):
        raise InvalidDomain('The intents {} and {} must be present in the '
                            'domain file to use this policy.'.format(
                                USER_INTENT_AFFIRM, USER_INTENT_AFFIRM))
you must check whether   the value  of  the  USER_INTENT_AFFIRM  is included in domain.yml  
like USER_INTENT_AFFIRM   = 'affirm'
then in domin.yml intent  affirm is included.

@azuredsky read the message, I have already said my domain.yml contains both affirm and deny, and I have shown that the error message contains a duplicate of USER_INTENT_AFFIRM, instead of USER_INTENT_AFFIRM USER_INTENT_DENY