Use Form or stories

hi ! I need to implement this use case where the bot (helpdesk of internet provider) have to ask some questions to users , in this case i have to use form ? if yes howa many ! or juste write stories for each path ?

i’m not shure if 1 form works in this case! beacause every time there is different choice , exemple when i crete a form to ask for nature of internet issue the user will ask, but slots to fill are not the same ones . the problem that i have to save a claim in the end ( and force the user to fill all slots even if the bot is able to detect that user first intent is about “state adsl light” for exp)


Yes you can forms, but to ask for a slot according to a previous answer, you’ll need to make a FormValidationAction with if statements in the required_slots method.

See Dynamic Form Behavior.