Identify an intent and run an action within a Form, and then continue with the form

I’d like to allow the users to ask a question when filling a form. Currently I have a form with a different set of questions depending on the type of user. It is possible for the user to ask a question instead of answering the next question from the form. If that happens I need to utter a text like “I can help you but first let’s finish this” and then continue with the last unanswered question/slot from the form.

Is it possible to do that? I appreciate any help

Hi @luisc29,

this is something handled in stories like this for example:

## start_lead_form_with_break
* start_time_report_form
    - utter_describe_format
	- time_report_form
	- form{"name": "time_report_form"}
	- slot{"requested_slot": "project"}
* check_current_projects
    - action_check_current_projects
    - time_report_form
    - slot{"requested_slot": "project"}
	- form{"name": null}
	- utter_slots_values
	- action_restart 

What happens? The form asks for the slot “project” e.g. by uttering: “Please give me the project for which you started the process”. Imagine the user doesnt know the project and instead wants to ask “Which projects are there?”

After answering (in this case running a custom action) his question, we continue running the form by reasking for the slot project.

Did that help?

Regards Julian