Utterance after intents but before forms


I have multiple intents going and i want to do something like this

## new_quote2
* greet+quote
  - utter_greet
  - utter_get_quote
  - quote_form
  - form{"name": "quote_form"}
  - form{"name": null}  

However, if i do this then the form doesn’t read in any slot information from the initial quote part (greet+quote may give entities)

Is there any way, around this which doesn’t involve hardcoding stuff in the form action, or removing the form altogethere and having slot filling stories?


Hey, can we see your actions.py file where is your class form ?

You will need some coding to do that :slight_smile:

My actions.py is currently a complete dogs breakfast of python which nobody should have to look upon =P But i did end up hardcoding it and it’s quite easy, i think i had a bug last time i tried this which put me off.

if current_slot_values['quote_begun'] == None:
	if latest_message['intent']['name'] == 'greet+quote':
		dispatcher.utter_message("Sure, lets get a quote going")

I have a flag for ‘quote begun’ to keep track of other things already (which was also messed with in the original example i gave) so that worked out well - basically it is set true once a first pass of validate() is completed.