Use different version of pip to install rasa, rasa-sdk and rasa-x. is it workable?

pip --version 21.0.1

(rasa3) C:\Users\leisjia>pip install rasa==2.7.1 (rasa3) C:\Users\leisjia>pip install rasa-sdk==2.7.0

pip --version 20.2

latest pip could lead rasa-x installation very long. so downgrade it to 20.2

(rasa3) C:\Users\leisjia>pip install rasa-x==0.39.3 --extra-index-url Simple Index

@jialeisheng123 Yes, its sometime make life easy and some time make worse. As packages and libraries files update and these files are install based on pip or pip3 so pip plays a very important role.

For example: When you trying to install rasa x it will be install easy with the default pip but in some cases I have even seen downgrade to lower version also helped to install rasa x faster.

I am sure, rasa team is aware of this issue.

thanks for clarification.

@jialeisheng123 No worries, please close this thread for a solution.