Can't install specific Rasa version with Pip


Recently I have been trying to install Rasa-X in a Docker container running debian. Wanting to install Rasa with this command:

pip install rasa==2.8.25

but it fails with this error:

My pip is on version 22.0.4, I’m using python 3.9. Checked the pypi library and it clearly shows that Rasa 2.8.25 can be installed with the above mentioned command. The version which I’m trying to install is: Rasa-X 1.0.1, Rasa 2.8.25 and for the sdk 2.8.4. Can’t really figure out why it fails, maybe just have to install Rasa some other way? Maybe something wrong with my pip? Any ideas?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Maybe its because python 3.9 I don’t remember but i think only rasa 3.1 has python 3.9 support