Can't install Rasa X

Rasa Version      :         2.7.0
Minimum Compatible Version: 2.6.0
Rasa SDK Version  :         2.8.5
Rasa X Version    :         None
Python Version    :         3.8.13
Pip version       :         20.2
pip install rasa-x --extra-index-url

can’t install rasa x using this ? Can anyone please help me

First, please either upgrade Rasa to 2.8 or downgrade Rasa SDK to 2.7.

What’s the error you’re getting while trying to install?

Also please properly format code and commands by enclosing it with three backticks (```), otherwise it won’t be readable. I have done it for you this time but please do it youself in the future :slight_smile:

do it like this