Understanding Rasa and RasaX Deployement

Hello everyone

i am a little bit confuse about the new deploymnt method and i want more explications actually if i have a 3.0 bot can i deploy it with rasa x ? or i have to wait for a versin compaatible with it ? Also if my bot is in my computer in local, how can i deploy it using azure or something else with the new deployment method ? it seems like we will not be allowed to have it on local but it will be in cloud

Can someone help me understand please

hello @nik202 anything ?

No, current Rasa 3.x is not yet compatible with Rasa X maybe end of this quarter can be compatible (hope so)

Yes, you need to wait for more for this.

Well, honestly I have not tried the complex installation new process of rasa X ( I have used docker-compose based installation with Rasa X 0.42.5 and Rasa 2.8.15 on Ubuntu server using Github actions and docker hub for action server self build image) .

Rasa X is basically meant to be installed on the Server-side or cloud-side only, not meant for the local machine.

I hope this will clear your doubt and solve your issue. Good Luck!

Hello @nik202 Thanks for the reply Indeed i used docker compose too for my installation but they said it will be depreated with the new versions of rasa ! so i am searching to understand how it will be for the new one anyway thanks a lot. if you have some other informations please feel free to share !

@M_R_LY They say a lot, but till the time it’s working I will suggest still on your current configuration, to be honest, it makes your life easy, otherwise you know.

Please close this thread as a solution, as you not gonna get more suggestions on this post.

Good Luck!