How to deploy rasa on azure instance

@nik202 By Q&A bot is ready and now i want to deploy over azure instance.

@Rishabhh17 Heya! Have you seen these 3-Video Tutorial by Ashish HOW TO DEPLOY RASA CHATBOT TO MICROSOFT AZURE | CREATING VM INSTANCE | PART 1 - YouTube

If yes what was you issue now?

Yes @nik202 He deployed Rasax ,What i want is to deploy not rasax GUI other GUI so that i can talk to bot using IP on my webpage.

@Rishabhh17 Have you see this link Rasa Chatbot in Azure Web App For Containers | by William Galindez Arias | Medium

@nik202 Not yet let me have a look for this and will let you know.

You can still deploy Rasa X and use your own GUI.

Rasa X is surely not designed for the end user but for the chatbot developers. It wouldn’t hurt to have it :slight_smile:

Hi ,@ChrisRahme Rasa X installation is done using Docker Installation, but I want to deploy on azure like by using Azure IP I can talk to my bot using my GUI.Can you guide me how to do that. Using Rasa X is very incredible like interacting with bot in a very nice way but for testing purpose if in future I want to deploy my bot so how can I do that.?Can you guide me the reference for that? It will be a great help

I don’t know much about how the Docker Installation works - I’ve only worked with Helm Installation. @nik202 is the one who has experience with Docker :slight_smile:

But I think the logic is pretty much the same: You will need two servers, one for Rasa (and Rasa X), and one for your website (maybe you can do both on the same server with Docker?). The server with the website should have access to the Rasa server.

As for refrences, have you seen what Nik sent above? Again, he has experience with Docker so he is better-suited to recommend stuff for it. But I can guide you towards the Rasa Livecoding series by Rachael, mainly:

@Rishabhh17 Did the above link helped you? have you tried adopted the process on your azure instance? @Rishabhh17 What all you had done it now can you brief me please.

@nik202 You have mentioned this link (HOW TO DEPLOY RASA CHATBOT TO MICROSOFT AZURE | CREATING VM INSTANCE | PART 1 - YouTube) ,I followed the steps and deployed Rasa X GUI but now I want to deploy but not on Rasa X GUI but on my own website or any portal, I am testing the features of Rasa that what I can do with Rasa . As when we deploy Rasa X using docker compose when we click on our instance IP then It will go to the Rasa X GUI but now I want is that when I click on IP then it will take me to my own GUI.

@Rishabhh17 Heya, sorry for late reply are you able to create docke or docker-compose file for rasa and rasa-sdk and while using docker are you able deploy on your website using botfront on local machine?

@Rishabhh17 can you tell me what is your website? Wix, Wordpress etc?

@nik202 No its Ok , Actually I am new to docker What I did was just run the (rasa run -m -models --enable-api cors “*”) and open my index.html file locally. I dont know much about docker can you help me in that?

@Rishabhh17 What is the update on your issue? are you able to create docker image? or your issue is solved?

No @nik202 Actually I not good at docker I am new to this platform also.

@Rishabhh17 You told you know docker, I guess I even shared you my docker related thread?

Yeah @nik202 actually I did the installation as mentioned in the (Rasa X installation using docker).

@Rishabhh17 Now me confused. Ok tell me the steps you did it, lets solve this today together.

@nik202 See I have given an azure instance .Currently, What I am doing is creating my bot on my local machine and then on that azure instance I followed the steps as mentioned in (Docker Compose Installation) then I created a repo on github and connect my bot with that repository.So I am just asking is this the process of deploying the bot on azure or something else tobe done.Like as you tagged me that post .

@Rishabhh17 Well, I not used the Azure instance, but I guess the process will be same as shown in the above link?

@Rishabhh17 Your bot is running fine whilst using docker image? its render on your website using your app or webchat?

@nik202 Yeah actually what i am doing now is running running my bot locally to connect it with webchat and created an index.html file locally and talking to my bot. In the socketurl=I pasted the azure instance ip and is running. What I am looking for is like when I click on the instance IP then it refers me to the rasa X UI instead of that Rasa X UI it will get me to some different UI that is made my me.