Deploying Rasa Bot


I’m trying to deploy my bot to azure so i’d be able to link it to the botframework service. I’m running my project on a windows machine. I tried to convert the bot to a docker container by following the rasa documentation

But got this error

Unable to find image ‘rasa/rasa_core:latest’ locally latest: Pulling from rasa/rasa_core docker: image operating system “linux” cannot be used on this platform.

I am new to docker containers so i don’t really know if I’m even following the right tutorial. I already have the bot running with but I can’t use for deployment.

Do I need a docker container to deploy the bot? is this the best method to follow? Would running a VM on azure be a better alternative or an overkill? Any suggestions?

Ahh yeah docker containers are dependent on the OS sadly a lot of the time. And the linux image doesn’t seem to want to cooperate with windows. If you want to deploy your bot properly, then it’s probably best to run a linux VM and start the container there

@akelad thanks for the reply. I’ve installed a linux environment to get around this, but i’m trying both atm, a vm and containers… hopefully i get one to work :slight_smile:

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