Unable to use interactive learning RASA X

Hi Team,

I am not able to use the interactive training feature on RASA X. I have deployed it using docker-compose on GCP and have connected it to telegram and I am using the latest version of RASA.

Here is a GIF showing the bug: ezgif.com-crop (1)

I do not know if this is a bug or if I am doing something wrong. I am new here. Please help!

Hi @navendu-pottekkat,

What version of Rasa X are you running? The appearance of the scroll bar in your gif when you click on the dropdown tells me you may be using an older version of Rasa X where we had a UI issue whereby the dropdown was actually appearing below the fold of the page, so if you scroll down you should see it.

Update: This issue should be fixed in the next release of Rasa X! :slight_smile:

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I see, that maybe because I was following the RASA Masterclass video and the version may be old. I will check the version and get back if I still have any issues. Thank you!

I was able to select the intent after scrolling down. Is that how it is supposed to work? I updated the RASA X version on the server

The dropdown overflowing to the bottom of the page is in fact a bug with the auto-placement of the dropdown component. I thought this fix was already shipped, it should be fixed in the upcoming release of Rasa X! :slight_smile:

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Aha! I see, thanks for clarifying. For now we can scroll and workaround it!