Unable to see new model files in models folder of my PC

Once we retrain the model using new training data, response and domain.yml, It generates new model file (like 20190904-224549.tar.gz). I can see it RASA web UI and inside the running container in the app\models folder. However I am not able to such model file in my physical location (my pc C:\Users.…\Desktop\RASAX\models. However I can see other files (see below)


What’s your set up for deployment look like? Did you mount the models folder?

I believe I mounted the folder using following cmd.

docker run -it --name rasaxg -p 5002:5002 -v C:\Users…\Desktop\RASAXtest:/app rasax1:09042019 rasa init --no-prompt This cmd created the project directory (including files and folder) which I can see in RASAXtest folder.

docker run -it -p 5002:5002 --name rasaxg2 -v C:\Users…\Desktop\RASAXtest:/app rasax1:09042019 rasa x The cmd update the project directory folder, however I was not able to see the model file inside the model folder. However it was created and saved inside the docker in app/models folder.

Please correct code if there is some mounting error.


Hm, looks like you mounted the files right, so it shouldnt be an issue – what do the permissions on that folder look like? Maybe the group running docker doesn’t have write access to the models folder