RASA - local model not loading when RASA-X is enabled

How to mount the model file which is added as part of docker image in kubernetes deployment ? The file is present in the instance running RASA OSS in /model folder, but it is not picking it up.

I see below mounts but not the model mount:

      /.config from config-dir (rw)
      /app/credentials.yml from rasa-configuration (ro,path="credentials.yml")
      /app/endpoints.yml from rasa-configuration (ro,path="endpoints.yml")
      /var/run/secrets/kubernetes.io/serviceaccount from default-token-tbmqm (ro)

@nik202 , can you please help here.

I have a dockerfile, which contains the model, as it is being trained during the docker file creation itself. When I am using RASA helm charts to deploy the dockerimage, its not loading the model.


RUN rasa train --fixed-model-name latest
CMD [ "run","-m","/app/models/latest.tar.gz","--enable-api","--cors","'","*","'","--debug" ]

Logs from K8s pod:

/opt/venv/lib/python3.8/site-packages/rasa/shared/utils/io.py:99: UserWarning: No valid configuration given to load agent. Agent loaded with no model!

This is ONLY happening when, RasaX is enabled in the config.

  # Rasa X / Enterprise settings
    # -- Run Rasa X / Enterprise server
    enabled: true

    # -- Token Rasa X / Enterprise accepts as authentication token from other Rasa services
    token:  <token>
    # -- Rasa X / Enterprise endpoint URL from which to pull the runtime config
    useConfigEndpoint: false

    # -- URL to Rasa X / Enterprise, e.g. http://rasa-x.mydomain.com:5002
    url: <internal rasa-x url>
      enabled: false
      token: <token>
        enabled: false
        tag: production
      waitTimeBetweenPulls: 20

If I set enabled: false, the model is loading fine.