Unable to receive messages after integrating Rasa with Slack

I have Spyder 3.6.8 and downloaded Rasa using "pip install rasa[spacy] ". I have designed a sample chatbot that helps troubleshoot a mechanical equipment. I have been trying to integrate it with Slack, but even after the URL is verified, I am not getting answers to my queries through the chatbot. I have ngrok running on port 5004 and the same port number has been specified in the runapp.py code. Any help would be much appreciated.

Hi there @Smr, are you seeing the POSTs hit your ngrok server when you send the bot messages? Have you got your bot to work succesfully in the command line (that will help us figure out if it is a connector problem)? What rasa versions are you running?

Hello @erohmensing , Thank you for the reply. I am using RASA NLU version ‘0.12.3’ and RASA Core version ‘0.9.0a6’. I opened ngrok.exe and copied the https link into my browser, but getting the below error


ngrok shows the below error:

P.S-Not sure if I had to make the link in the ngrok visible or no, so i hid it.

@Smr I’m sorry, but I honestly can’t tell you if this is a bug or not because your Core version is so old. But in order to reach the core server you have to run ngrok on the same port as Core which usually is 5005 (not sure about in that version though) – so you would run ngrok http 5005 to get it to run on that certain port.

Thank you for the reply @erohmensing , I have been using port 5004 to run ngrok as well as the core. Also, will updating the core version help?

It is possible that you don’t have something configured correctly, but it’s also possible there was a bug, so upgrading core would make sure you’re running a version where other people get the slack connector successfully working. You’re still seeing the tunnel connection error? Do you have any sort of firewall that could cause your machine to refuse the tunnel connection?

I don’t have a firewall that would refuse the connection. Also, a few days back, the tunnel connection was also working and i got the status = “ok” when I copied the ngrok https link to my browser. I will update the core and then see what happens.

Sounds good, it could be a retry problem which I believe for the slack connector has been implemented, may have been after your version.