Slack integration of rasa is not working


I created chatbot using rasa latest(1.6.1) version, and it is working fine in local system. Now I want to integrate it with Slack. I created a slack app and collected details like slack channel and Bot user Oath Access Token and copied those credentials in credentials.yml file of my bot. And I subscribed events like,, message.mpim, message.groups, im_created in slack app. And I run my bot in local system using ngrok. I copied that ngrok url and pasted it in event subscriptions “Request URL”. But I didn’t get any response from salck, and I checked by running my bot in debug mode “rasa run --debug” there I am seeing request and response in terminal but the response is not displaying in slack. Can anyone please help me to resolve this?

Here I added the screenshots of ngrok terminal and “rasa run --debug” terminal output, credentials.yml file, bot events subscription.

thanks in advance!

@Mounika1 which URL did you provide to slack? And can you show me the beginning of the Rasa logs? It seems like you sometimes get a 502

Hi @akelad I am facing issue in getting response from slack,I am posting screenshots here.

could you please create a separate issue? Given that the other issue isn’t resolved yet

Okay I am creating one