Unable to install rasa 3.0

Hi guys. I’m unable to install rasa 3.0. here’s the output of my terminal

Note that when I run the install command without precision on the version (3.0.0) it gives me another error (AttributeError: ‘PosixPath’ object has no attribute ‘joinpath’)

Just use pip install rasa

I precised at the end that it doesn’t work either

@amaelbogne can you please follow this video: Installing Rasa Open Source 3.0 on MacOS [Updated Dec 2021] - YouTube it’s based on Mac Installation, but I hope this will help you. On the other hand, if you are working on Windows please downgrade the pip version to 20.2 and try to install rasa in a fresh environment. I hope this will solve your issue.

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I’m feeling lucky :star_struck:

Rasa just posted a tutorial on YouTube an hour ago on installing Rasa 3.0 on a Mac. It worked for me.

Note that you might need to use an old resolver (–use-deprecated=legacy-resolver) if some package installations take more time than usual as it did for me.

Hi yeah I just followed the tutorial some moments ago. was writing the solution here in comments :sweat_smile: thanks

@amaelbogne great, please mark this thread as solution for other.

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I’m not able to. I don’t understand why I can’t see the “Solution” button.

@amaelbogne No worries, let me help you. Can you please change the topic category to Rasa Open Source only and remove the Feedback on Rasa Open Source and you will able to see solution mark.

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