Unable to find action_factory=remote

In early version of rasa core (0.10.14) we had action_factory=remote in domain file when we have to return the action name without running the action. In Rasa 2.7…0 can you please let us know how to bring that feature Please help

Hi @simpleng. Can you point me to what you are talking about in 0.10.14 docs or 0.10.14 code? In what situations do you need to return the action name without running the action?

In 0.10.4 version of Rasacore code we used to mention action_factory: remote in domain file so that it doesnot try to search for that action in rasa when we hit parse and continue api’s. This helps to run action remotely. But in Rasa 2.7.0 i could not find that feature

@simpleng Why and how are you running actions remotely?

we will get the action names from rasa core and run it in custom chatbot which we have built it

@simpleng I’m not exactly sure what “custom chatbot which we have built it” means, but it sounds like you might want to either use your own action server or use NLU only?

yes we want to use our own action server

@simpleng Okay. Then, in Rasa Open Source 2.7:

The only requirement for the action server is that it provide a /webhook endpoint which accepts HTTP POST requests from the Rasa server and returns a payload of events and responses. See the API spec for details about the required /webhook endpoint.