[BUG?] Actions returned from action server

Hello, here is an interesting one:

we’re using our own action server on URL, let’s say ourserver.com/rasa/action. When Rasa predicts an action, we receive it correctly. But then we return some actions back to rasa and these actions are not emitted into actions server anymore. Is this a correct behavior?

Example flow:

  1. let’s have a custom actions action_bark_bark and action_meow defined in yaml actions section and use it in some story
  2. action action_bark_bark is being predicted and sent to ourserver.com/rasa/action
  3. our action server responds with events, as states in docs Events (rasa.com)
  4. one of the events returned by our action server is
    "event": "action",
    "name": "action_meow"
  1. EXPECTED - action_meow is being sent into our action server again to be evaluated
  2. ACTUAL - action_meow is being pushed into tracker store, but it’s not sent into action server anymore

This is especially unpleasant especially when action_core_fallback (core_fallback_action_name) is predicted and we want to execute more actions afterwards.

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Could anyone discuss this please? It’s still a big issue for us. Actually I was about to post this again, but I found my own question here :frowning: