Custom action for Remote server

How to connect our custom action and endpoints to a remote server. Currently I am using localhost:5055 as endpoint, what if i have to use as server to run the bot.

edit your endpoints.yml to point to the server.


But still our action server will be local only. Suppose multiple users want to run bot on Does everyone has to run action server in their local? If so,isn’t anyway to run custom action server at just one server.

python -m rasa_core_sdk.endpoint --actions actions

This creates action server on localhost:5055.

When you say “multiple users want to run bot” meaning that you (or someone else) are running multiple bots (rasa core server instances) on single machine? I would assume each bot will have different needs of Custom Actions (hence separate custom action server) so if you are running 2 different type of Bots on single machine, you will be running 2 rasa core instances and 2 action endpoints. They all have to be running on separate port so you want to specify tcp port.

Even I have been struggling with the same issue. How do you run rasa on ‘’ instead of localhost so that it is accessible not just locally but to anyone who has the ip address.