TypeError: sequence item 0: expected string, NoneType found

i have no idea why this error is popping up i have’nt edited anything in those files can anyone explain me please! @nik202 i hope you can help me with this. Thanks

@Navaneetdatta what command did you used for running this error? and did you activated the environment?

i was jst tryng to train train my bot and yes this was in the env…and the same env was running perfectly with the initial bot (rasa init)

@Navaneetdatta do you have a custom action code? can you check and uncomment config.yml or share the configg.yml file please.

there is no custom code and this is running on default model i have jst made chages in nlu, rules, stories, and domain.

i have uncommented the config file and here is the file config.yml (1.3 KB)

yet i see the same error

@Navaneetdatta share me those files please.

could you check your mail please and the issue is with core!

@Navaneetdatta Please comment the rules.yml and train the model.

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I hope these links will help you to learn Rasa!