Facing errors while training rasa model

Hello , I faced an error while training a model, for my project, I have attached the error message below. Thank you

## error message 
RasaException : No user features specified. Cannot train 'IntentTED' model

hi @Venkat can you share the rasa --version, config.yml file and complete error log, if you can run rasa train --debug .

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Hey sorry for the late reply , I figured out the error , It was a syntax error in the config file . Thanks for the reply

and is there a way to activate a form with custom actions

@Venkat please share the syntax error and then close this thread for others readers while marking the solution.

@Venkat this topic is not related to the current topic, I’d request to please create the new post for this issue/topic. Thanks.

Sure thank you

@Venkat is this a similar post? How to start a form with custom actions - #2 by mina.fsh

The solution for this error : Please check the placement intents from the nlu file is mentioned in your domain file and avoid typos in the stories which can also lead to similar errors and make sure you have the rule policy in the config file uncommented

Oh yes Sorry abt that , I tried the method but it didn’t work for me

@Venkat No worries, and thanks for the shared solution for other readers; good luck for your project!

Hey , Can you help me with the before mentioned problem in this thread : How to start a form with custom actions - Rasa Open Source - Rasa Community Forum