Two identical button but one button is uttering twice


Below is my conversational flow in the and i’m using two identical button for this which i have defined in domain.yml.


  • update_shipment
  • utter_update
  • awb_update_form
  • form{“name”:“awb_update_form”}
  • form{“name”:null}
  • action_print_awb
  • utter_update_order_details
  • action_update_od
  • shipment_updation_details{“location_from”: “GAI”, “location_to”: “FIZ”, “shipper_agent”: “0685FRA”, “consignee_agent”: “2520CGN”, “date”: “12/Jan/20”, “code”: “NOR”, “items”: “99”, “volume”: “99”, “weight”: “99”, “description”: “small package”,“flight_name”:“UW0833”}
  • update_order_details_form
  • action_print_updated_details
  • action_reset_slot_flight
  • utter_update_flight
  • affirm
  • utter_update_known_flight
  • affirm
  • flight_form
  • form{“name”: “flight_form”}
  • form{“name”: null}
  • action_print_fn
  • utter_update_success
  • action_update_booking
  • action_reset_slot


utter_update_known_flight: - text: “Do you know the flight name?” buttons: - title: “Yes” payload: ‘/affirm’ - title: “No” payload: ‘/deny’


  • text: “Do you want to update flight on {date}?” buttons:
    • title: “Yes” payload: ‘/affirm’
    • title: “No” payload: ‘/deny’

When i come to the flow where “utter_update_known_flight” ask user confirmation it is uttering twice. I have tried by changing max_history=2 but that also doesn’t work. Can you help how to resolve this? I want my conversational flow to work properly and the two buttons should utter once on user confirmation. Don’t know is that identical button problem or what.

Also i have observed when i’m resting one slot value this error occurs else the two identical buttons work properly.

@RandeepJohar Can you run the assistant in debug mode via rasa shell --debug and paste the output of debug messages when it utters twice?