Response through rasa buttons

Hi team, is there any way i can directly use utter response (in domain.yml) through button payload options?

for me intents are working good for payloads but utter names are not working ? any help of this regards will be appreciated?

Do you mean you want that button payload should trigger the utterances (with bot response) when the user clicks the button?

this is my domain.yml

  • buttons:

    • payload: utter_apo_affirm

      title: Yes

    • payload: /Resource_APO

      title: No

    text: Has the affected ?


    • text: “Please wait 3-4 minutes”

@naveenjr no, you can not directly mention utterance in the payload but an alternative you can do like this:

Demo code:

In domain.yml

 - affirm

    - buttons:
        - payload: /affirm
          title: yes
        - payload: /deny
          title: No
     text: Has the affected?
      - text: “Please wait 3-4 minutes”

In stories.yml

  - story: affirm
      - intent: affirm
      - action: utter_affirm

Hope this will help!

thank you . I know intents can be used in buttons ,but it feels like a 2 step process for getting response from bot. The issue is for different affirms in conversation flow different Reponses needed . How I can do that ? for example :may be i need to confirm mail id using affirm intent ,at the same time i need to confirm overall details are correct ? both the cases utter_affirm is different .

one more doubt if I write rules or story for above mentioned will it contradicts ?

@naveenjr Is this still an open issue? if my suggestions helped you can I request you to please close this thread as a solution?

@naveenjr This is your solution? if you can add some more information that will help other readers more. Good luck with your project.