Multiple utterances after a button

I want my bot to be able to utter both “job” and “year” with the intent /ask_job, but I don’t know why this would not work with a button passing the /ask_job intent. Every time I choose the button, the trained bot would just respond with “utter_year”.

 // Part of domain.yml 
 - text: "I am 21 years old."
    - title: "Ask his age"
      payload: "/ask_age"
    - title: "Ask his address"
      payload: "/ask_address"
    - title: "Ask his job"
      payload: "/ask_job"
    - title: "I've got no more questions to ask."
      payload: "/goodbye"

 // Part of
 ## ask age and job
 * ask_age
   - utter_age
 * ask_job
   - slot{"question_asked" : "age"}
   - utter_job
   - utter_year

Hi, what does the response for utter_job look like in your domain.yml?

If this contains more buttons, too, which again have intents in their payload, then the conversation will deviate from the story. E.g. say utter_job has a button with payload: "/goodbye" and the user clicks on that. Then the conversation at that point will be

* ask_age
  - utter_age
* ask_job
  - slot{"question_asked": "age"}
  - utter_job
* goodbye

This is not following the ## ask age and job story anymore, so the bot might not continue with utter_year.