Trigger_intent http api documentation is missing a response code

Hello all,

This is my first post in the forum and hope this is proper place to share this. Today I noticed, in the documentation of the trigger_api endpoint via http api is missing a response status code 404. This is the page I mention Rasa Open Source Documentation

404 can be reproduced if you send an intent which is not defined on project.

    "name": "EXTERNAL_dry_plant",
    "entities": {
        "plant": "Orchide"
    "version": "2.6.2",
    "status": "failure",
    "message": "The intent ([Route(handler=<function create_app.<locals>.trigger_intent at 0x7fb09bf64840>, methods=frozenset({'POST'}), pattern=re.compile('^/conversations/([^/].*?)/trigger_intent$'), parameters=[Parameter(name='conversation_id', cast=<class 'str'>)], name='trigger_intent', uri='/conversations/<conversation_id:path>/trigger_intent'), Route(handler=<function create_app.<locals>.trigger_intent at 0x7fb09bf64840>, methods=frozenset({'POST'}), pattern=re.compile('^/conversations/([^/].*?)/trigger_intent/$'), parameters=[Parameter(name='conversation_id', cast=<class 'str'>)], name='trigger_intent', uri='/conversations/<conversation_id:path>/trigger_intent/')], <function create_app.<locals>.trigger_intent at 0x7fb09bf64840>) does not exist in the domain.",
    "reason": "NotFound",
    "details": {},
    "help": null,
    "code": 404

In my opinion documentation should include such response. But maybe 404 is deliberately excluded I am not sure. Does anyone know about this?