Problem with Rasa HTTP API and domain

I have a problem when working with External Events. I do everything as shown in the documentation here: Reaching Out to the User , but still I get an error in the console when I send the request : C:\Users\Mykola>curl -H “Content-Type: application/json” -X POST -d "{"name": "EXTERNAL_dry_plant", "entities": {"plant\ “: "Orchid"}}” “http://localhost:5005/conversations/1024083513/trigger_intent?output_channel=latest” {“version”:“3.5.8”,“status”:“failure”,“message”:“The intent <function create_app..trigger_intent at 0x000001B3F3CEEA60> does not exist in the domain.”,“reason” :“NotFound”,“details”:{},“help”:null,“code”:404} That error is in Rasa itself: 2023-06-11 20:07:04 ERROR rasa.server - The intent <function create_app..trigger_intent at 0x0000015AEE69EA60> does not exist in the domain. The error indicates that such an intent does not exist in the domain, but it is there. Everything is as in the example. I have attached these files to the message. Can you please help and tell me what the problem is? rules.yml (342 Bytes) domain.yml (796 Bytes)

Looks like your bot doesn’t have an intent named trigger_intent.

It should not have a trigger_intent. the name EXTERNAL_dry_plant is used.

Looks like the error is generated here. If you’re sure the intent exists I would try running from source or try an older version of Rasa to see if it is a recent issue.

intent_to_trigger acquires the value request_params.get(“name”), and in my request “name”: “EXTERNAL_dry_plant”. An intent named “EXTERNAL_dry_plant” definitely exists.