I want to trigger an intent by http api, but the response is 404, how can i solve this issue?

my request is like this: http://localhost:5005/conversations/707976/trigger_intent?output_channel=latest with json data: {“name”: “intent_crypto-withdrawal_how_to_add_address_to_whitelist”}

but the response is 404

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Hi @bm71!! Did you make sure that the intent intent_crypto-withdrawal_how_to_add_address_to_whitelist is part of your domain?

yes,of course, it is part of my domain, and i can trigger this intent by text in rest channel

hi, do you have any other idea about this issue? thank you!

Did you find any solutions? I’m having the same problem here.

No, this issue still exists, did you have any methods?

My mistake was to send a request to the wrong URL. (silly me) But my advice is to check the list of paths on the terminal when you run rasa on API mode

thanks, my mistake was that i did not enable the HTTP API, when i add the --enable-api parameter to my run command, it is running well

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