Trigger Action Based on Entity Values Not Just Intent

I want to trigger two different actions based on the extracted entity. For example, I might want to trigger a pizza_form if the extracted cuisine entity equals italian but a burger form for all other cuisines. I tried this story, but it’s not working. It will always do a pizza form.

## request_meal{"cuisine": "italian"}
    - pizza_form
    - form{"name": "pizza_form"}
    - form{"name": null"}
## request_meal
   - burger_form
   - form{"name": "burger_form"}
   - form{"name": null}

How do you fix this?

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Is there any solution for this? I am also looking for the same. Wants to trigger different forms based on entity or slot value

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Same issue here. I can’t give answers based on different entities (same intent):

  • intent: problem examples: |

  • story: Desktop issue steps:

    • intent: problem
      • product: “desktop”
    • action: utter_desktop_issue
  • story: Cooler issue steps:

    • intent: problem
      • product: “cooler”
    • action: utter_cooler_issue

Rasa extracts both entities but only gives the response from the first story (utter_desktop_issue), even when I ask “the cooler is not working”, for example…

Does anybody could help me?