Entity recognition to trigger form requirement

Is there a way of using the detection of an entity (required for a form) to trigger the intent for the form completion?

In the restaurant example rather than triggering request_restaurant with

“im looking for a restaurant” or similar, I’d like to be able to use the recognition of an entity required for the restaurant_form e.g. “I prefer sitting outside” gives the entity seating: outdoors and triggers the form to ask about the other required entities ( cuisine , num_people etc).

I suppose that I could add multiple entries for the request_restaurant intent, but in my use case I’m likely to have a large number of entities that could be recognised. It would be good to have any of them trigger the associated form.

So basically any intent with this entity should trigger the form action? I guess it’s probably worth looking into OR statements then?

Ok, so if I have:

## intent:request_restaurant
- im looking for a restaurant

## intent:inform
- id like [moroccan](cuisine) food

How would I use an OR statement in the stories.md? Something like?

but, how to only trigger inform when a related entity (cuisine) is recognise?

* request_restaurant OR inform
  - action_restaurant

Any further thoughts on how this might work?

My use-case is that I want to take an initial statement from the user, and then select the most appropriate form to fill in based on their response.

Grateful for any suggestions on how I might be able to do this.

further detail:

welcome_form - e.g. “how can I help?”

I then have a number of forms:

form_1 with slots: slot_1a, slot_1b, slot_1c

form_2 with slots: slot_2a, slot_2b, slot_2c

if the response to welcome_form contains slot_1a , slot_1b or slot_1c I want to trigger form_1 to collect the rest of the required slots for that form. If welcome_form contains slot_2a etc I want to trigger form_2.

I then want to extract the remaining slots for that form from the response.

Is there another way to do this without stating every possible combination of entities that might be retrieved in an OR statement? @Tobias_Wochinger