Training model in Rasa X

I updated to Rasa X 0.28.3 with Rasa 1.10.0 as in the ‘update’ info page on the Rasa website and now my models are not training and saving correctly in the UI. It seems they are beginning to train, and I even see the message that the model was trained and saved, however, they do not appear in the UI, even after refreshing the page and waiting and also restarting the compose environment.

Additionally, when I try to import a model into Rasa X via curl, I get the message: version":"0.28.3","status":"failure","message":"Model version unsupported.\nThe minimum compatible version is 1.10.0.","reason":"ModelVersionError","details":{},"help":null,"code":400}.

Also, it would be extremely helpful to have Rasa X workers in the docker containers print more detailed training info by default, or if progress information was printed in the UI. There is currently barely any indication that a model is training when you hit ‘train’ in Rasa X.

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progress information was printed in the UI

I also would love something like that too